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What are the data sources and methodology?

The data for all reports is derived from the most comprehensive business surveys filled out by individual companies administered by various government agencies and market research entities. Our forecasting models are econometric based utilizing a host of parameters and data sets related to the industry, regional data, macro dynamics, and economic inputs.

How do I purchase a report?

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What is the format of a market research report?

All of our reports are in PDF format. If you need the report data in Excel format you can purchase that option as an upcharge during your report purchase or afterward.

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How do I use the 100% MoneyBack Guarantee?

We know how difficult it is to choose the right market research report. We stand by our reports and make your decision easy. Purchase any market research report on, and if it doesn't provide more than $295 in value, email us at and let us know what the report was missing and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Pretty simple. You're not going to find that offer with any other market research company, so give us a try at no risk to you.