The Top 20 Fastest-Growing Manufacturing Industries

December 16, 2023

Kentley Insights has compiled the top 20 fastest-growing manufacturing industries. Manufacturing is alive and well in the U.S as a $6.9 trillion sector of the U.S. economy, providing almost 12 million jobs. Below are the 20 fastest-growing manufacturing industries based on their 5-year total revenue compound annual growth rate from 2018 to their 2023 forecast.

Some of the industries are riding the inflation wave such as soybeans, the wood products, fertilizer, and mineral wool. Some are still benefiting from the pandemic such as biological products (vaccines) and travel trailers. While others have grown with the growing geopolitical tensions such as guided missles, ordance, and ammunition. Given the headwinds the economy is currently facing, some of these fast-growing industries may struggle over the next few years.

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