Manufacturing Industry Research Reports

In 2023, there will be a lot of cross-currents affecting U.S. manufacturing industries. Industries are coming out of the supply chain and inflation issues spurred by COVID and fiscal stimulus. And now, the global economy is facing a demand slump from central bank tightening causing a possible global recession, while China's demand and supply should pick up with the loosening of COVID restrictions.

Kentley Insights' 525 U.S. manufacturing industry research reports provide our clients with the timely insights they need to navigate these dynamic times. Each report has 100+ statistical data sets covering market size, growth, industry trends, profitability, competitive dynamics, forecasts, plant utilization and hours, product line breakdowns, operating expense details, balance sheet details, wage and payroll analysis, PPI data, state analysis, and much more.

It's also difficult to navigate the market research world. To make it simple and easy for our clients, our data-rich reports are a flat price of $295, updated quarterly, and come with the industry's only no-hassle 100% MoneyBack Guarantee. Kentley Insights' value proposition works for our thousands of satisfied customers, and we hope to win your trust with our affordable and insightful research. And, if you are looking for the industry's leading membership, take a look at our $495 All Access Pass.

Explore our manufacturing report pages, each with a snapshot of insightful data on the industry, sample reports, the full table of contents, and more.

Manufacturing Report Samples

It's important for our clients to know the data and format of our reports. Below is a free sample manufacturing report. It'll give you a good understanding of the insights and data sets in our reports. All of our $295 manufacturing reports are 39 pages and will have the same format and data sets as the sample. You can find more free sample reports here.

The Lists

The past five years have been a period of flux for U.S. manufacturing, but many industries have endured with strong market growth rates. Below are the 5 fastest-growing U.S. manufacturing industries ranked by their 5-year CAGR. To see the list of the 20-fastest growing manufacturing industries click here.

Questions & Answers

Below are some frequently asked questions & answers.

What manufacturing industries are covered?

All U.S. manufacturing industries are covered by our analysts, which includes 19 manufacturing sectors and 525 industries.

What data sets are included in each report?

Each report is divided into two sections including Revenue & Growth Benchmarks and Cost, Capital & Profit Benchmarks. In the revenue & growth section, the data sets include trends and forecasts on revenue, companies, facilities, employees, product lines, sectors, consolidation analysis, producer price index, states, and more. In the cost, capital & profit section, the data sets include trends, forecasts, and breakdowns on operating expenses, financial ratios, profit, balance sheet items, plant utilization & hours, material costs, payroll, wages per role, workforce composition, productivity, state data, and more. Take a look at any report page to see the full table of contents.

What are the reports used for?

Our clients use the reports for a variety of purposes including market research & analysis, strategic planning, cost benchmarking & streamlining, growth initiatives, forecasting, understanding industry dynamics, operational initiatives, valuations, and other strategic analyses.

How does Kentley Insights have the most affordable reports in the industry?

We focus on providing our clients with the most timely and complete data and leave out a lot of the industry commentary that takes the bulk of time and resources to create in other reports. We focus on the data and forecasting models that our clients rely on for their analysis and back up our reports with our 100% MoneyBack Guarantee for reports purchased on

What are the data sources and forecasting methodology?

The data for the U.S. manufacturing reports are derived from the most comprehensive business surveys filled out by individual companies administered by various government agencies and market research entities. Our forecasting models are econometric based utilizing a host of parameters and data sets related to the industry, regional data, macro dynamics, and economic inputs.

How do I purchase and view a report?

You can purchase Kentley Insights reports on or partner websites such as or Reports purchased on have a 100% MoneyBack Guarantee and are instant download with a link to the report also sent to your email. Each report is in PDF format with the option to purchase the excel data set for an additional fee.