Below are 3700+ quarterly market research reports covering 1200+ industries and 2000+ product lines in financial services, technology, transportation, health care, manufacturing, wholesaling, real estate, energy, retail, and more. Each U.S. industry report includes 100+ data sets and 30+ forecasts on each industry. Each global market size report includes historical revenue, growth, regional share, and forecasts across 195 countries. All reports are $295, and if you need multiple reports, check out Kentley Insights’ $495 All Access Membership. Thousands of leading companies trust Kentley Insights for their market research needs and we look forward to earning your trust.


About Kentley Insights

Kentley Insights was born from the idea that timely and data-rich market research doesn’t need to break the bank. We’re one of the fastest growing market research companies given our comprehensive data industry data sets at a flat price of $295 per report, with coverage of over 1200 industries and 2000 product lines. All of the top consulting firms, banks, private equity firms, and many of the Fortune 1000 depend on Kentley Insights for their in-depth industry analytics, data, and forecasts.

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100% MoneyBack Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know how painful choosing the right market research can be, so we try to make it as painless as possible. If you purchase any report and you don’t find $295 worth of value in the report, just let us know what it was missing, and we’ll give you a 100% refund. We stand by our reports and want to make your purchase as effortless as possible.

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All Access Membership

We provide market research comfort to thousands of professionals with our $495 All Access Membership giving you 12 months of instant downloads of up to 100 reports on . Market research when you need it. Learn more about All Access Membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your data sources and forecasting methodology?

We are all about the data and we leverage the best public and private sources out there. The data comes from the most comprehensive set of business surveys filled out by millions of companies on annual basis. Our data scientists and economists use sophisticated econometric models to generate the forecasts in our reports incorporating macroeconomic, regional, and industry trends and statistics.

What’s the difference between U.S. Market Research Reports & Global Market Size & Growth Reports?

Our U.S. Market Research Reports cover 1,200 services, manufacturing, and retail industries with over 100+ data sets in each report. The data sets cover industry-level metrics on revenue, companies, locations, employment, pay, profitability, financial metrics, balance sheets, product line breakdowns, operating cost details, state data, consolidation analysis, inflation, organizational composition, and much more. You can download a sample on our free reports page to get a sense of all the data sets included in a U.S. Market Research Report.

Our Global Market Size & Growth Reports cover 12 years of historical revenue and growth with a forecast for the current year and 5 years across 195 countries for 500 service industries and 2,000 product lines across services, retail, and wholesale. You can download a sample on our free reports page to get a sense of all the data sets included in a Global Market Size & Growth Report.

What are the reports used for?

Our clients use the reports for a variety of purposes including market sizing, research & analysis, valuations, strategic planning, cost benchmarking & streamlining, sales and marketing initiatives, forecasting, geographic expansion,  understanding industry dynamics, operational and organizational initiatives, and other strategic analyses.

How does Kentley Insights have the most affordable reports in the industry?

We focus on providing our clients with the most timely and complete data and leave out a lot of the industry commentary that takes the bulk of time and resources to create in other reports. We focus on the data and forecasting models that our clients rely on for their analysis and back up our reports with our 100% MoneyBack Guarantee for reports purchased on

How do I purchase and view a report?

You can purchase Kentley Insights reports on or partner websites such as or Reports purchased on have a 100% MoneyBack Guarantee and are instant download with a link to the report also sent to your email. Each report is in PDF format with the option to purchase the excel data set for an additional fee.