Retail Sector Market Research Reports

2023 will be a challenging year for the $30+ trillion global retail sector as retailers deal with easing supply chain issues, stubborn inflation, waning demand from the tightening of central banks, and continued geopolitical issues. It's important to approach this year from a data-first perspective as there will be a lot of commentary, speculation, and noise in the retail market research world.

Kentley Insights covers 110 retail sectors with our U.S. industry market research reports and ~1000 retail product lines with our global market size & growth reports. Our 110 U.S. reports include 100+ data sets, trends, and forecasts covering retail sales, growth, companies, locations, state analyses, e-commerce, inflation, operating expense details, consolidation analysis, profitability, financial ratios, employee productivity, workforce composition, top jobs breakdown, wage and payroll analyses, and more. Many of the data sets have 9 years of historical data and 2023 and 5-year forecasts.

Our clients rely on us for the quality of our research, quarterly report updates, flat pricing of $295 per report, the industry's only 100% MoneyBack Guarantee, and our value-packed $495 All Access Membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in each report?

Each $295 U.S. retail market research report is 39 pages long, has 100+ industry data sets, and is organized into two sections 1. revenue & growth benchmarks, and 2. cost, financial, and workforce benchmarks.

The revenue and growth benchmarks section includes 9 years of retail growth details and 5-year forecasts, growth benchmarks, e-commerce sales, product line breakdown, macro retail benchmarks, BCG growth matrix, sales per capita by state, sales as a percent of consumer expenditure by state, historical and forecasted inflation, consolidation analysis, and employment, location and retailer details by the size of company.

The cost, financial, and workforce benchmarks section includes profitability and financial ratios, historical and forecasted OPEX, operating expense details on 32 categories, inventory and gross margin trends and forecasts, employee productivity trends and forecasts, payroll per retailer, location and employee, workforce organizational composition, job categorization and pay analyses, and state employment statistics.

You can see the complete table of contents on each report page.

How can I see what is in a report?

You can click on the retail sample report to download a complete report. All the retail reports will have the same format and data sets.

What is Kentley Insights' 100% MoneyBack Guarantee?

We understand your time is precious and looking for reliable, insightful, and affordable market research shouldn't be difficult. That is why we have the industry's best value at $295 per report backed by the industry's only 100% MoneyBack Guarantee for any report purchased on If you don't get $295 of value from the report, just let us know what it is missing and we'll give you a full refund.

What are the data sources and methodology for the reports?

The foundation of our reports are comprehensive business surveys filled out by the majority of retailers in the U.S. conducted by various government and research entities. For our forecasts, our analysts utilize industry-specific econometric models with extensive macroeconomic and sector parameters and variables.

Who are Kentley Insights clients?

Kentley Insights is one of the fastest-growing market research companies for the simple fact that thousands of clients have come to rely on us for affordable and insightful data-rich market research. Our clients include all of the top consulting firms, banks, accounting firms, and many Fortune 1000 companies, along with thousands of other executives and companies.

How do I get a report?

You can purchase your report on, which comes with our 100% MoneyBack Guarantee and is an instant download in PDF format. Or, you can purchase any of our reports on our partner sites such as and Unfortunately, the 100% MoneyBack Guarantee doesn't extend to reports purchased on partner sites.