Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Industry – 2023 U.S. Market Research Report

December 2022 Edition
Updated COVID-19 & Recession Industry Statistics & Forecasts

The 2023 U.S. Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Industry Market Research Report is the most comprehensive data-rich report on the industry with statistical data sets covering industry market size, growth, revenue & cost trends, expenses, balance sheet benchmarking, production material costs, profitability, productivity, financial ratios, statistics by state, workforce stats, product lines, plant utilization, workforce composition, inflation, compensation, and much more. This data-rich industry market research report utilizes extensive business surveys as the foundation for over 100 industry data sets with historicals (2014-2022), trend analysis, and forecasts for 2023 and the next 5 years.

This industry market research report is utilized by professionals for strategic planning, evaluating industries, market analysis and sizing, identifying growth and cost opportunities, finanical benchmarking, forecasting, valuations, streamlining expenses, workforce optimization, improving productivity, statistical gap analysis, and much more.

Rolled-Steel-Shape-Manufacturing Report

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Report Format

The 2023 U.S. Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Industry Market Research Report is 39 pages of deep insights into the trends, dynamics, and forecasts shaping the industry. Below are a few page images from the report and check out the table of contents for a complete overview of the included industry statistics.

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Revenue

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Operating Expenses

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Profit

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing BCG Matrix

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Plant Utilization

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Workforce Benchmarks

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Industry Composition

This U.S. industry includes companies primarily engaged in rolling or drawing shapes (except wire), such as plate, sheet, strip, rod, and bar, from purchased steel.

Select Industry Statistics

Below are a few of the hundreds of industry statistics in the 2023 Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Industry Market Research Report:

In 2022, the industry market size was $6.4 billion
Download now for historical and forecasted market size

3-year industry growth rate was 3.4%
Purchase now for historical and forecasted growth rates

There are 154 companies in the industry
Download for more industry statistics & forecasts

Companies average 50.4 days of cash / AR on hand
Download for 30 other balance sheet categories

In 2022, revenue per facility was $36.5 million
Download for historical and forecasted sales per company

2022 PPI growth was 0.4%
Get 2014-2022 statistics, and 2023 & 5-year forecasts

The average Fixed Asset Turnover ratio is 1.46
Benchmark nine other financial ratios

In 2022, revenue per employee was $844,939
Download now for more productivity statistics & forecasts

1.6% of expenses are spent on health insurance
Statistics on 24 other OPEX categories

In 2022, industry operating expenses grew 14%
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In 2022, wage per employee was $71,422
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6% of employees in the industry are in management
Benchmark against 13 other job categories

The average industry hourly pay for office and administrative jobs is $22.57
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The above highlights represent a small fraction of what you will find in this report.

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Table of Contents

Thousands of bankers, consultants, accountants, management teams, investors, entrepreneurs, and other professionals depend on Kentley Insights’ industry market research. Review the table of contents below to understand the extensive statistical data sets in this report.

1-2 – Report Overview & Table of Contents

3 – Industry Overview
– Methodology
– Industry Definition & Examples

4 – Industry Snapshot – Revenue & Growth

5 – Industry Snapshot – Costs & Profitability


7 – Industry Growth Details
– Industry Revenues
– Companies
– Facilities
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years

8 – Growth Benchmarks
– Revenues per Company
– Revenues per Facility
– Facilities per Company
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years

9 – Breakdown of Product Lines
– Percentage of Revenue from Product Lines

10 – Manufacturing Subsector Growth
– Sales and 5-Year CAGR

11 – Income vs. Revenue Growth Matrix
– Manufacturing Subsectors vs. Industry

12 – Revenue as a % of State GDP
– Sales as a Percentage and State Rankings

13 – Industry Revenue as a % of State Manufacturing
– Sales as a % of Income and State Rankings

14 – Sales per Company by State
– Sales per Company and State Rankings

15 – Producer Pricing Index
– Annual PPI – Indexed to 2006
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years
– Monthly PPI Figures for the Past 4 Years

16 – Consolidation Analysis
– Number of Companies by Size of Company
– Number of Facilities by Size of Company
– Facilities per Company by Size of Company
– 2012 versus 2022

17 – Employment by Company Size
– Number of Employees by Company Size
– Employees per Company by Size of Company
– Employees per Facility by Size of Company
– 2012 versus 2022

18 – Manufacturing Subsector Consolidation Analysis
– Number of Companies
– Number of Facilities
– 5-Year CAGR

19 – Manufacturing Subsector Consolidation Analysis
– Facilities per Company
– Employees per Company
– 5-Year CAGR


21 – Profitability & Financial Ratio Analysis
– Percent of Companies that are Profitable
– Average Net Income as a Percent of Revenue
– Financial Ratios – 10 ratios, Total Asset Turnover, Fixed Asset Turnover, Fixed Assets to Total Assets Ratio, Total Assets to Total Liabilities Ratio, Return on Sales, Return on Total Assets, Return on Net Worth, Total Liabilities to Net Worth Ratio, Fixed Assets to Net Worth Ratio, Solvency Ratio

Page 22 – Balance Sheet Metrics
– Assets and Liabilities indexed to industry revenue at 100
– Current & Non-Current Assets: Cash, Notes & Accounts Receivable, Allowance for Bad Debts, Inventories, Treasuries & Securities, Other Current Assets, Loans to Shareholders / Mortgage, Other Investments, Depreciable Assets, Accumulated Depreciation, Land, Intangible Assets (Amortizable), Accumulated Amortization, Other Assets
– Short-term, Long-term Liabilities, & Net Worth: Accounts Payable, Mortgages, Notes, Bonds due in less than 1 Yr., Other Current Liabilities, Loans from Shareholders, Mortgages, Notes, Bonds > 1 Yr., Other Liabilities, Capital Stock, Additional Paid-in Capital, Retained Earnings, Cost of Treasury Stock

23 – Operating Expenses
– Industry Operating Expenses
– Industry Revenue vs. Operating Expense Growth
– Operating Expense as a Percent of Revenue
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years

24 – Operating Expenses by Company & Facility
– Operating Expenses per Company
– Operating Expenses per Facility
– Revenue vs. Expenses Growth per Facility
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years

Page 25 – Operating Expense Detail
– Employee Expenses: Annual Payroll, Health insurance, Defined benefit pension plans, Defined contribution plans, Other fringe benefits, Temporary staff
– Cost of Materials: Cost of materials, parts, containers, packaging, etc., Cost of resale, Cost of electricity and fuels, Cost of contract work
– Buildings and Equipment: Capex for machinery and equipment, Rental or lease for machinery and equipment, Capex for buildings and structures, Rental or lease for buildings and structures, Repair and maintenance of buildings and machinery
– Other Operating Expenses: Professional and technical services, IT software and hardware, Data processing and communications, Advertising, Refuse removal, Taxes and license fees, All other operating expenses
-Inventory Breakdown: Inventory (as a % of total receipts), Finished goods inventory, Work-in-progress inventory, Materials and supplies inventory

26 – Production Material Costs
– Top Production Material Costs Breakdown
– % of Total Production Material Cost

27 – Plant Utilization & Hours
– Plant Utilization Rate
– Plant Operational Hours per Week
– 2019-2022 Historical Figures by Quarter

28 – Productivity & Industry Employment
– Revenue per Employee
– Total Industry Employees
– Employees per Company
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years

29 – Employee Productivity by State
– Revenue per Employee and State Rankings

30 – Industry Payroll
– Payroll per Employee
– Payroll per Company
– Payroll per Facility
– 2014-2022 Historical Figures
– Forecasts for 2023 and the Next 5 Years

31 – Payroll by Size of Company
– Payroll per Company
– Payroll per Facility
– Payroll per Employee
– 2012 versus 2022

32 – Payroll per Employee by State
– Payroll per Employee and State Rankings

33 – Job Categorization Benchmarks
– Management & Finance
– Sales & Marketing
– Technology, Engineering, Science
– Service, Support & Training
– Operations
– Percent of Industry Employees

34 – Job Categorization Pay Ranges
– Management & Finance
– Sales, Service & Marketing
– Operations
– Pay Bands – Bottom 10% & 25%, Mean, Top 25% & 10%

35 – Top 20 Jobs Breakdown
– Percent of Total Employees

36 – Top 20 Jobs Pay
– Pay Bands – Bottom 10% & 25%, Mean, Top 25% & 10%

37 – Total Employment by State
– Number of Employees and State Rankings

38 – Population to Every Employee by State
– Number of Residents to Industry Employee
– State Rankings

39 – Overview of Kentley Insights

Data Source & Forecast Methodology

For this report, the core data is sourced from comprehensive business, operational, and economic surveys conducted by government and private institutions and filled out by a statistically significant number of companies in the
Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing industry. Our analysts develop the forecasts utilizing econometric models based on historical statistical analysis, industry trends and dynamics, macroeconomic analysis & forecasts.

Download a Sample Report

Below is a free sample report download. Click on the image to download. The 2023 Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Market Research Report will have the same format and data sets.

Wood Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Manufacturing Report

Product Lines Analyzed

Cold rolled steel sheet and strip, made from purchased steel
Cold finished steel bars and bar shapes, made from purchased steel
Iron and steel powders, paste, and flakes, made from purchased steel
Rolled steel shape manufacturing, nsk, total

Industry Jobs Analyzed

Forming Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
Machine Tool Cutting Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
Laborers and Material Movers, Hand
Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Workers
Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
Industrial Machinery Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Workers
First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers
Miscellaneous Production Workers
Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks
Maintenance and Repair Workers, General
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing
Miscellaneous Metal Workers and Plastic Workers
Miscellaneous Assemblers and Fabricators
Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators
Crane and Tower Operators
General and Operations Managers
Metal Furnace Operators, Tenders, Pourers, and Casters
Industrial Engineers, Including Health and Safety

Material Cost Categories

Misc. iron, steel, and ferroalloy ingot, shapes, and forms (excluding castings, forgings, bars, structural, wire, sheet, strip)
Materials, ingredients, containers, and supplies, nsk
Nonferrous metal shapes, forms, sheet, strip, powder, and wire (excluding castings / forgings), excluding aluminum and copper
Cost of all other materials and components, parts, containers, and supplies consumed

Report & Industry Details

NAICS Code: 331221

Number of Pages: 39

Format: PDF

Price: $295

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