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2023 is an interesting year for the $20+ trillion U.S. service industries. The rollercoaster began with COVID, peaked with the massive stimulus, which drove input and wage inflation and continues into 2023 with a looming recession and geopolitical unrest. There are a lot of dynamics at play within each industry and it's critical you have timely industry research reports and statistics to help you drive better insight and industry market analysis.

We have you covered as you try to understand the past, present, and future dynamics of your industry. We cover 570 U.S. industries within the services sector, with data-rich and affordable industry market research reports. We focus on the data-driven facts of the industry providing over 100 data sets in each report for only $295 per report. Each report covers industry market size, growth, profitability, inflation, operating expenses, state statistics, wage and pay analysis, balance sheet benchmarks, financial ratios, employee productivity, consolidation analysis, BCG matrix, and more.

We stand by our reports with the industry's only 100% MoneyBack Guarantee. We also offer our industry-leading All Access Membership for $495, which gives you 12 months of instant download access to all 3,700 reports. Thousands of professionals rely on Kentley Insights' better research at a better value.

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It's important you understand all of the data sets and the format of one of our U.S. industry market research reports. Please click on one of the below reports to get a complete sample.


Featured Reports

Check out some of our featured reports that cover the most relevant and timely topics in various sectors and categories. These reports will help you gain a deeper understanding of the market dynamics, opportunities, and challenges that affect your business.

The Global E-commerce Market 2021-2026: This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global e-commerce market, including the market size, growth, trends, drivers, challenges, and competitive landscape. It also covers the key segments, regions, and countries in the e-commerce market. You will learn about the current and future state of the e-commerce industry and how to leverage its potential for your business. Buy Now

The U.S. Restaurant industry research reports 2021-2026: This report offers a detailed overview of the U.S. restaurant industry, including the industry structure, segments, types, formats, and categories. It also provides data and insights on the industry performance, growth, outlook, drivers, challenges, and competitive landscape. You will discover the key trends and developments that shape the U.S. restaurant industry and how to adapt to them for your success.

The Global Renewable Energy Market 2021-2026: This report delivers a comprehensive industry market analysis of the global renewable energy market, including the market size, growth, trends, drivers, challenges, and competitive landscape. It also covers the key segments, regions, and countries in the renewable energy market. You will gain insights into the current and future state of the renewable energy industry and how to tap into its opportunities for your business. Buy Now

We also offer 100 free sector reports, which are at the sector level and were published last year. You can find those reports in our Free Reports section.

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